Operations Director – South Africa

Direcor of Operations (SA)

We are retained to support the expansion of our worldwide clients operations in SA.

This is a role for someone who can lead, is comfortable making decsions and is looking to be the Head of the region for one of the world’s largest CC BPO businesses.

Sector experience is less relavant than personal capability and ambition. Often cliched, but an absolute is someone woth drive, that is comfortable in their own shoes and capable of making decision that align with the business strategy. It’s a role that you will have full responsibility for performance, people development, P&L and client relationships.

The style  of the individual isn’t set in stone , however this is a role that is pivotal in the business and needs a born leader, who can bring the current workforce on a journey with them. A bit of strategic vision is alos welcome and perhaps a degree of through leadership to support the leading nature of the company.

The standard notes are – led organistion with up to 1000FTE, Customer contact , particulalry outsourcing and site leadership.


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